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The retail website "www.blossomparis.fr" is a site of accessible e-commerce by the Internet network, open to every user of this network. It is published by BLOSSOM EURL. The present general terms of sale apply by rights to any sale of products and articles concluded on the present website "blossomparis.fr".The Buyer can consult simply, freely and at any time these general terms of sale by clicking the site on the link " CGV ". In passing order on t blossomparis.fr, the Buyer accepts the general conditions. The buyer declares to have the capacity to conclude the present contract, that is have the legal majority and not be under guardianship. The applicable regulations are the one of the current remote sale in France.


1.1. The Product

The Buyer is informed during the signing of his order of the availability of the Product which he wishes to buy. In case of questions relative to the unavailability of Product, the Buyer can contact customer services by clicking "contact". However, if the Product becomes unavailable after the validation of the order, the Buyer is informed about it by e-mail, at the latest three ( 3 ) days after the validation of the order.

1.2. Price and VAT

The prices are indicated in Euros Inclusive of all taxes, excluding charges of preparation and delivery. The Value-added tax is the one current on the metropolitan French territory in the day of the order (20 %).

Article 2. ORDER

2.1. Identification of the Buyer 

Every new Buyer has to inform the fields which are proposed to him(her) to create his(her) profile which will be accessible in the section "Identification / registration". The Buyer has to fill with accuracy the provided him with form, on which he has to mention the information necessary for his identification, among which in particular a valid e-mail address and a password of its choice (who will be personal and confidential to him(her)) which will be of use to him(her) later to become identified on the Site. Every Buyer already account holder Customer has to become identified having clicked " to Validate the basket ", by seizing its e-mail address and its password. 
The Buyer accepts that the seizure of these two identifiers is worth proof of its identity. 

2.2. Validation of the order

The validation of the recapitulative order form establishes the consent of the Customer. This consent amounts to a handwritten signature and is worth proof of the conclusion of a contract between the Parts, the entire order and the payability of the sums owed pursuant to the aforementioned order.

Blossomparis.fr reserves the right not to validate the order in case of:
- Abnormal or excessive complaints according to the article 4 below,
- Exchanges and abnormal or excessive returns according to the article 5 below,
- Existing dispute(s) with the Buyer,
- Total or partial nonpayment of the previous order of the Buyer,
- Refusal of authorization of credit card payment of the banking bodies.

2.3. Secure payment of the order

The price owed by the Buyer is the amount indicated on the recapitulative order form with which the Buyer acquainted before validating his order. It is specified that to make his credit card payment, the Buyer is automatically transferred towards the server electronic banking of Paypal. The server of Paypal is the object of a reassurance by encryption S.S.L 3.0 (Secure Socket Layer) so as to protect all the data bound(connected) to means of payment. Paypal assures the supervision of its platform and the operations which are subjected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is specified that at no time, the banking data of the Buyer pass in transit on the computer system of blossomparis.fr.

In case of unavailability of a Product after validation of the order, such as specified in the article 1.1. Above, if the payment was already made, the Buyer will have the choice between a refund of the amount of the order, which will have place immediately and at the latest in thirty ( 30 ) days following the payment of its order, and the delivery of a quality and price equivalent Product.

2.4. Confirmation of order

As from the recording of the command(order), the company sends to the Buyer an e-mail of confirmation. By keeping this e-mail, the Buyer detains a proof of his order, what blossomparis.fr recommends him(her). From the validation of the order, this one becomes then irrevocable and can be questioned only in the cases restrictively enumerated below.
The order is taken into account and the deadline of delivery begins to run from the date of reception of the payment.

2.4 Out of stocks 

The seller makes a commitment to inform if necessary the Buyer, by every possible means at his/her convenience, about possible stock shortages affecting its orders. In this case, he communicates to the Buyer a new approximate deadline of delivery (and it is true before the expiration of announced initial the deadline) by indicating him(her) that, if he does not accept, he can cancel his order and benefit from credit note for the amount of ordered articles.


3.1 Delivery address

Products are delivered to the delivery address which the Buyer indicated during the process of command. The information expressed by the Buyer, during the order taking engages this one. In case of error in the title of the address and phone number of the addressee, the Seller could not be held responsible for the impossibility in which he could be to deliver the parcel.

3.2. Delivery deadline

Blossomparis.fr will make every effort to deliver the order, accompanied with the invoice, for an average deadline from two ( 2 ) to four ( 4 ) working days in France, from four ( 4 ) to seven ( 7 ) working days in EU, Switzerland(Swiss) and Norway and from seven ( 7 ) to fifteen ( 15 ) working days in the other countries, as from day following the payment of the order. It is specified that the orders registered on the Site on Friday afternoon from 1 pm, on Saturday or Sundays will be treated next Monday. The orders registered on the Site a holiday will be treated the next working day. The Buyer has the possibility of making deliver Products to another address than his.Blossomparis.fr makes besides a commitment to deliver for a maximum deadline of twenty ( 20 ) working days in France, to add to the deadline(extension) of manufacturing below, from the date payment of the order however, the delivery can not be assured in case of force majeure such as defined in the article 6 below.

3.3. Deadline of additional manufacturing for exclusive articles
Deadlines of manufacturing are to be added to the delivery deadlines above for exclusive articles. They are indicated on the descriptive form of the product. The manufacturing requires a maximum deadline of ten ( 10 ) working days. If however the Customer wishes a faster delivery, it is recommended to send the request via the form of contact. His(her) request can be satisfied or not according to orders on hand.


4.1 Reception of the command

The Buyer has to verify the state of the packaging and the conformity of the delivered Product.Any complaint on the visible vices or on the non-compliance of the Product will have to be indicated by the Buyer. We cannot be held responsible when a Buyer accepted a parcel presenting an important deterioration likely to degrade the Product. It is his/her duty to emit reserves and to refuse the parcel.

4.2 Complaints

If, nevertheless the care brought by blossomparis.fr at the time of the preparation of the order, one of the products had to present a legal flaw, the Buyer will have a deadline of 7 days as from the delivery day to return to his expenses the defective product for exchange or credit note.


By virtue of the provisions of the article L121-20-2 of the code the consumption, the articles made according to the specifications of the consumer or personalized at the request of the customer cannot benefit from the right to withdraw, and will be neither taken back nor exchanged, except the case of involvement of the guarantee of the vices affecting the sold object. The attention of the Buyer is attracted to the fact that the "exclusive" products sold by blossomparis.fr are made in the request according to the specifications of his(her) customers.

For other Products, the Buyer has a deadline of seven ( 7 ) working days as from the date of reception to return, without motive, the Products which he ordered. The Buyer exercising the right of return which confers him(her) the Code of the Consumption is free to opt either for the exchange of (the) article(s) returned, or for the refund.

If the Buyer opts for the refund of his order, his request is taken into account only after reception by the Seller of returned product(s). In every case, only the price of one or several returned products will be paid off. Products must have returned to their state and their original packing at the following address: Blossom EURL Sarah Weerts 17-23 Rue Ernest Laval 92170 Vanves France. 
The term of redemption by the seller could not exceed 15 days as from 
received return of articles in the establishments of the Seller.


Since personal informations are communicated by the Buyer within the framework of the subscription of the sale contracts, the seller makes a commitment to take any security measures so that these informations cannot be revealed outside of the company, except persons and institutions legally authorized.

These informations collected on this Site, in the present questionnaire, are indeed used and are the object of outside communications only for the only necessities of the order management or to satisfy the legal and statutory obligations.


Blossomparis.fr releases its responsibility for any negligence in its contractual obligations in the hypothesis of a force or fortuitous majeure, including disasters, fires, internal strike or extern, failure or internal or external breakdowns and in a general way any event not allowing the good execution of the orders.


Blossomparis.fr will be responsible on no account towards the Buyer of the consequential, special, incidental or consecutive damage resulting from the carelessness or from the failure of the Buyer or from the misuse by the latter of any products sold according to the present general terms of sale.